Because of a hole in the wall of her apartment, a woman finds herself invaded by about twenty snakes

In Aurora, Colorado, a woman claims that dozens of snakes have invaded her apartment following renovations to her building.


More than 25 snakes invaded her home

Moore says snakes have been intruding into her home at Fitzsimmons Junction Apartments since June 2, when the balconies in her apartment building were redone. « We noticed the smell was really bad and that’s when we started seeing the snakes, » Moore said.


She said at least 25 snakes appeared along baseboards and under furniture, forcing her to stay up most of the night. « I get up at 4 a.m. and stay up until I literally fall asleep, » Moore said. Charlotte Moore has a particular aversion and fear of snakes. « To me, the snake is Satan and I don’t deal with it. Do you understand me, » she said.

The frightened tenant wants to leave her apartment

Charlotte Moore, who has a disabled son, wants to be released from her lease. Colorado’s Habitability Act states that landlords must provide a space that is safe, clean and not a health hazard. Representative Lauren Richardson of the building union explained that a hole was discovered inside a wall in the unit and was repaired.

The company issued a statement: « The safety and comfort of our tenants is our highest priority. We take the presence of snakes very seriously and have worked with our professional pest control provider, who assured us that the problem has been adequately addressed. In addition to working with the pest control service, we offered Ms. Moore the option of either housing her in another unit or releasing her from her lease by returning her deposit. Mrs. Moore chose to decline our offers and stay in the building, as the situation was taken care of and eventually resolved ».