In Malaysia, a man catches a terrifying fish with human-like lips and teeth

As if the year 2020 hadn’t been weird enough, a man in Malaysia caught a fish with lips and teeth worthy of a human.


Fake or real photo?

This strange discovery was made by Twitter user @raff_nasir in early July, who shared the photos online. The message, entitled « Her lips are bigger than mine », was appreciated and retweeted thousands of times.

Although questions were asked about whether or not the photos had been altered, people were quick to point out that it was a type of fish known as a triggerfish. According to Wikipedia, there are 40 different species of triggerfish, the largest being a rock triggerfish that can grow to an impressive 1 metre in length and is found in the eastern Pacific.

Fun and scary at the same time

Known as sea pigs, these strangely-looking fish dig up prey, such as crabs and worms, by beating debris with their fins and sanding it with water sprayed from their mouths. They use their hard teeth, strangely similar to those of humans, to attack sea urchins.


Asked by Metro about this, WWF suggested that the fish was a black-spotted Picasso triggerfish, saying: « It is a well-known species that is widespread from the Seychelles to the Great Barrier Reef, which would include Malaysia ».

An opportunity to make fun of some celebrities

The photo provoked a lot of reactions, some of them very funny, one person even modified it to add lashes and long nails. It is true that with such a resemblance to many celebrities, there is something to joke about.

Speaking of the big lips of the fish, someone said that Kylie Jenner « will tremble with fear ». Another person joked that the fish should be taken to a dentist just to see the dentist’s reaction to it; that would make a good video. Others compared the fish to Angelina Jolie… We don’t know about you, but this is the kind of image that can haunt our nights for weeks.