In Vietnam, a baby was born holding its mother’s IUD in her hand

A newborn baby in Vietnam came into the world making a big impression when he arrived holding his mother’s IUD in his hand.


The IUD: an effective contraceptive?

All kinds of contraceptives are available today, but they are not always infallible, as the 34-year-old mother we are talking about today will testify. Two years ago, the young mother had an intrauterine device (IUD), also known as an intrauterine device (IUD), fitted to prevent her from getting pregnant.


The contraceptive is a small T-shaped device made of plastic and copper that is placed in the uterus and releases copper to prevent pregnancy. Finally, in theory… However, the surprised woman soon found out that the IUD was unnecessary, as she had still become pregnant.

A funny cuddly toy

She gave birth at Hai Phong International Hospital in the northern Vietnamese city of Hai Phong, where she welcomed her new son and the new brother of her two children she had had before. The baby was healthy and weighed 3.2 kg, but his arrival was made particularly unusual by the fact that he had brought with him a souvenir: his mother’s failing IUD.

The photos show the newborn clutching the IUD in his fist, as if it were a precious reminder of his time in the womb. Obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong said the baby was delivered holding the IUD, and told the local media that the scene was so unusual that he decided to take a photo. Photos were shared online, where the baby’s makeshift toy attracted the attention of hundreds of Internet users.

Baby already has a sense of humour

Phuong suspects that the IUD may have been moved from its original position while in the womb, becoming an ineffective form of contraception and allowing the mother to become pregnant. When properly inserted, IUDs are over 99% effective and can last for five to ten years. The released copper prevents sperm from reaching an egg and surviving, and it can also prevent a fertilized egg from implanting.

Of course, while this all works in theory, it is not always the same story in real life. The mother of the newborn may want to consider an alternative, or additional, method of contraception in the future, although we are sure that her new son will bring great joy to the family. And judging by his arrival, it looks like he will bring a lot of joy to those around him.