This man has turned his lawnmower into a tank!

You may feel that mowing your lawn is a chore, and let’s face it: it really is a chore. But there may be a way to make mowing the lawn look like something that makes you look like a potato! This man may have just found a way to do it.


Talents of carpenter at the service of his lawn

A house with a large garden is the dream of anyone stuck in a small flat, but there is a drawback to this desire: your lawn doesn’t cut itself. To make the weekly chore more bearable, in Oregon, Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking has turned his ride-on mower into a miniature tank that mows everything in its path, not just the grass.

Jason Hibbs’ tank, 32 years old, wouldn’t survive a minute on the battlefield, after all he is an expert in timber, not armour. But even with reduced visibility, as the driver hides inside while looking out of a small window (the turret has a lid that opens if you’re prepared to stand while driving), a ride-on mower suddenly becomes something you’ll want to drive, even if it’s only squaring your garden.

A lawnmower with potato gun option

The tank is not to scale, so Jason Hibbs can probably expect a criticism or two from those who watch World War II documentaries on TV, but in addition to the authentic look of working tracks, he has made an extra effort to incorporate a working potato gun.


It doesn’t help much with mowing, but it’s a good way to keep neighbours away from your lawn after you’ve finished meticulously pampering your green space. Something tells me that if you had a machine like this, you would spend more time tending to your garden, wouldn’t you?